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hi, i'm skovati

i’m a computer engineer and amateur mathematician from the great lakes region

a few things i’m passionate about:

professionally, i write modeling and simulation software for a space science R&D lab

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Intro to Linux - Chapter 6

linux intro
Bash && Extensibility Author: Skovati, Date: 2020-12-29 So what is bash? It stands for Bourne Again Shell, and is a rewrite and play on words of the original Bourne shell (sh) written by Stephen Bourne at Bell Labs. It is mainly used as an interactive command line interpreter. read more...

Intro to Linux - Chapter 5

linux intro
Chapter 5 - Server Configuration Author: Skovati, Date: 2020-12-29 This chapter is optional if you’re strictly using Linux as a desktop OS, but goes over some useful ideas like user management and security that are still applicable. SSH Keys First of all, what is SSH? read more...

Intro to Linux - Chapter 4

linux intro
Installing Linux Author: Skovati, Date: 2020-12-28 In this chapter, I’ll talk about the four main ways I recommend installing and getting started with Linux, in order from most-preferred to least-preferred. Option #1 - Installing on your main computer (Most Preferred) This option definitely seems the scariest to newcomers, but installing Linux along side whatever other operating system you have installed on your most used computer is easily the best way to get yourself to actually use Linux on a daily basis, rather than installing a VM that you forget about in a week. read more...
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