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a digital minimalist.

hi, i'm skovati

i’m a computer engineer and amateur mathematician from the great lakes

a few things i’m passionate about:

professionally, i make computers go beep boop at a space science laboratory

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Neovim, why I switched

vim unix
Neo-what? Neovim is a popular fork of the famous text editor Vim that aims to refactor the codebase, create a sane API, and add modern niceties while retaining the Vim philosophy. Some of the first features the neovim team added were asynchronous processes and the built in terminal emulator, both of which Vim ended up implementing in Vim 8. read more...

Vim: The World's Greatest Text Editor

vim unix programming
Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant to teach Vim, (that might come later) just to act as inspiration to start the learning journey. If you’ve been convinced by this post and want to learn Vim, here are a few fantastic tutorials that helped me get started: read more...

Privacy & Security in the Modern Digital Age

privacy security internet minimalism
Author: skovati Date: 2021-05-29 The modern web is plagued by data mining, cross site tracking, intrusive ads, analytics, cookies, etc. How does one escape? It’s easy enough to say, “oh I wish it were like the 90s again with a simple internet”, but then we’d be missing out on some fantastic things from the modern web, like instant video chatting with loved ones, or having the world’s wealth of information at your fingertips with sites like Wikipedia and Youtube. read more...
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