== skovati ==
a digital minimalist.

hi, i'm skovati

i’m a computer engineer and amateur mathematician from the great lakes

a few things i’m passionate about:

professionally, i make computers go beep boop at a space science laboratory

check out my latest articles below (rss) or email me an encrypted message

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Zettelkasten: what, why, and how

Zettelhuh? Zettelkasten is a notetaking system pioneered by the German sociologist and philosopher Niklas Luhmann. He was an extremely prolific researcher, publishing over 70 books and 400 articles on a variety of subjects. Luhmann attributed this creative success to his unique notetaking approach: zettelkasten — German for “note box”. read more...

How To Make Your Own Website

web self-hosting internet privacy
Why should I care? In its infancy, the internet was a digital wild west where anyone could stake their claim and create something new. This freedom led to a growth of decentralized, innovative, and diverse online communities. Your average joe could now use the family PC to spread his ideas to the rest of the world without going through corporate media or censoring governments. read more...

Why Unix?

unix linux operating systems FOSS
This post is meant to be inspiration to those considering using a unix-like system (I’m mainly referring to a Linux distro or one of the BSDs) similar to my Why Vim? post. The first set of blog posts I made on this website were about the history of unix/linux, and how to get started experimenting with these systems. read more...
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